Know Yourself.

Figure out your strengths and
feel yourself take off like a Tesla.

The truth

will set you free.

Some people spend their
entire lives trying to
figure out who they are.

Others spend their entire
lives trying to become
somebody who they are not.

Maybe you don’t like who you are.
Maybe the thought of becoming somebody else is
constantly on the top of your mind.

What if you could learn how to embrace your

and work with your weaknesses – not against them.

Don’t let your limitations stop you.

Instead learn how to work with them.

Instead of wishing you could be
completely different –
maybe you could wish to be
only slightly. different.

What if...

You could identify the few critical parts of yourself that are
holding you back from becoming who you want to be.

And, what if...

You could learn how to change those things quickly.

Can you change your
whole personality?
Not really.

You can change the parts
of your personality that
you don’t like.

Remember Two Things:
Personality + Soul = Identity.
Identity = Most of Who You Are.

The first step to finding your

Go back to your roots and think about
your childhood. Think about the good
parts in as much detail as you can.

Don’t focus on the negative things that
have happened to you.

Think about:

Your earliest positive
that brought
you the most amount of joy.

favorite activities.

biggest interests.

favorite people.

The healthy things
that made you FEEL as good as
you ever have.

The healthy things that make you
FEEL good can give you clues
about who you are and what
pathway you should take.

We go through phases where we may try
to become somebody else.

Rarely does it work.

We always go back to our roots.

And even if you choose to take an
alternative road: It doesn’t mean
you’re lost.

Getting Lost Is Not The Same As
Exploring… at first.

Stay lost

Be found.

Phases are good.
Exploring is good.

Getting lost in the process is not good.
Getting lost is rarely beneficial – but there
is a positive side.

The positive side of getting lost
is learning how to find your way out.

But what happens if it takes too long
to find you way? What is the benefit of losing
yourself longer than you need to?

Evolve Over Time: Parts of you may change
over time. You will evolve. You may pick up
new habits and get rid of old ones. You
may even pick old habits back up.

But you are always still
who you are.

Who are you?

Are you “what you do”?

Are you your career?

Are you who your family and
friends believe you to be?

Are you who your government ID
says you are?

Are you what you see in a photo?

Are you your social media profile?

Are you who your god says you are?
Or your religious leader?

Are you the perception of
someone else’s view?

Are you someone else’s opinion
of you?

Are you your own opinion of

Do the events you participated in
the past – identify you?

Are you the person you “think” you
could end up being in the future?

Are you just a speck of dust?
A heartbeat and nothing more?

That last way of thinking might work for
a buddhist – but not for the rest of us.


you must be more than that.

You can think, feel, and breathe.

You have hopes, dreams desires
and ambitions.

There’s a certain feeling you get when
something feels right.

Over time and with enough practice, you get better at
listening and identifying that feeling to.
Just like you can feel a certain feeling in your gut when
something DOES NOT feel right.

Know who you are – and live
your best life.

When know who you are, you will start living
your best self.
Things will happen for you quicker
and progress will feel effortless.

You might even experience progress
and start wishing for progress to become
more difficult again.

There will still be days when you still wish you were
somebody else entirely. It’s part of the process.

You can’t eliminate the number of
times you’ll lose yourself. But you
can minimize them.

Get what you want out of life faster, and
lose yourself less often.

Learn more about who you are with our
“Know Yourself” Personality Program.

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